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Government orders relating to training

Government orders relating to training
Date Subject Govt Order Number Govt Order
26.10.2018 Amendment Order "Students enrollment for full-time PhD study shall be within 2 years preceding the closing date for applying for a salary / fellowship offered by the Department of Backward Classes Welfare. BCW 704 BMS 2018
18.08.2018 Full-time Ph.D. from 2018-19. Increasing the monthly tuition / fellowship from Rs.5000 / - to Rs.10,000 / - for the eligible students of Backward Classes studying. BCW 704 BMS 2018
31.08.2018 D. Deveraja Urs Foreign Scholarship for Backward Classes Candidates. BCW 869 BMS 2018
22.05.2017 About Rs. 2 Lakhs incentives to students from Backward Classes community who are admitted to IIM,IIT,IISc,etc National Higher Education Institutions. BCW 427 BMS 2017
10.05.2017 D. Deveraja Urs Foreign Scholarship for Backward Classes Candidates. BCW 361 BMS 2017
19.01.2017 Matriculation of Backward Classes Welfare Department for training of Career Guidance and Competitive Examinations for Students in Post Graduate Schools. BCW 882 BMS 2016
23.07.2016 About increasing the monthly training allowance for backward classes of law graduates from Rs.1000 / - to Rs.2000 / -. BCW 371 BMS 2016
08.02.2016 On releasing grants to the University of Karnataka, Dharwad and Davanagere to strengthen the OBC CELL and research activities already established in the universities. BCW 51 BMS 2016
08.01.2016 Amendment Orders Ph.D on Monthly Study Pay / Fellowship for Backward Classes Students engaged in full-time study. BCW 09 BMS 2016
07.10.2015 About the payment of tuition, training allowance and other fees for BSc Nursing, GNM & Para Medical Courses from 2015-16 through e-Pass. BCW 768 BMS 2015
24.09.2015 On recruiting backward classes candidates for pre-IAS examination. BCW 1091 BMS 2015
31.08.2015 On the order to train the students of Savita Samaj in the style of the gravitational tradition to revive the traditional art of Savita society, Dolu and Nadaswara. BCW 510 BMS 2015
21.07.2015 Grant on Strengthening of Backward Classes Directorate (OBC CELL) and Research Activities in Universities. BCW 523 BMS 2015
11.06.2015 Devaraja Urs Pratibha praises award for students of backward classes. BCW 490 BMS 2015
11.06.2015 Ph.D. Conducting a monthly study wage / fellowship for backward classes students engaged in full-time study. BCW 495 BMS 2015
07.11.2013 Providing tuition and tuition for backward classes candidates who have been admitted to BSc Nursing, GNM and Para Medical Courses. BCW 612 BMS 2013
03.05.2013 Extending the Pre-Competitive Pre-Training Period for 2012-13 and Setting Up Training Fees and Monthly Scholarships BCM 368 BMS 2013
07.11.2013 Tuition fees and tuition for backward classes candidates who have been admitted to BSc Nursing, GNM and Para Medical courses. BCW 612 BMS 2013
22.09.2011 About assigning educated unemployed candidates of backward classes to para medical courses. SAKE 96 BMS 2011
03.12.2010 Training on Nursing courses for Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribes and Backward Classes students. SAKE 85 SLP 2009
16.07.2010 GNM & BSc Nursing Training Program for Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribes and Backward Classes. SAKE 85 SLP 2009 (B)

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